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Amazing and ling nipples

Yummie nipples to suck on

Amazing and ling nipples

Postby Anonymous » 17 Nov 11 05:07


Re: Amazing and ling nipples

Postby linguik » 17 Nov 11 10:17

lvovich wrote:http://www.omaocean.com/nip3/

stop posting this site … first .. my god it fucking sucks and second it fucking sucks… who ever the cock sucker is …STOP keeps trying to get people to this site … man just stop … every photos is photoshoped….. it does not look real and to make things even worse .. they never update… if you get in this site YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED this SHIT is a total scam
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Amazing and ling nipples

Postby Anonymous » 10 Dec 11 19:33

autobiographical or not, its an excellent read with real characterisation and a believable world.

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